Counselling and Coaching for Organisations & Businesses


Frances is able to contract privately with companies who are not in an EAP scheme to offer short-term counselling to their employees (usually 6-10 sessions) to help them identify and resolve personal or work related issues which may be affecting their quality of life and/or work performance. Offering counselling to staff can reduce an organisation’s costs due to employees’ work stress and absence, and increase workers’ efficiency, commitment and overall work performance. In cases where a ‘critical incident’ has occurred within the workplace that may have affected a number of staff, Frances is able to offer on site counselling for individuals or groups.


Frances offers a range of options for clients seeking professional/executive coaching. Individuals wishing to see her away from their place of work can have appointments at Sunshine Barn, which provides a great, confidential thinking environment away from the possible distractions of the workplace. Sunshine Barn also offers the perfect environment for executive coaching retreats or ‘away days’ for businesses, facilitated by Frances. Occasionally Frances will work with corporate clients in-house when this is preferred.

Please contact us for further details about any of the above services, or to discuss our corporate fee structure.