Frances has over ten years’ experience working as a supervisor with individuals and groups, both in person and over the telephone. She uses a person-centred, humanistic, creative and practical approach to supervision. She once heard ideal supervision described as being like having ‘a warm bath combined with a cold shower’ and this is what she endeavours to offer her supervisees – nurturing, comforting support combined with invigorating exploration of their work, incorporating challenges when necessary!

Her supervisees work with adults and/or children and have included counsellors working in:

  • Voluntary agencies e.g. Mind, Adsis, Resolve, NSPCC
  • Private practice
  • HM Armed Forces
  • The Prison Service
  • A Children’s Bereavement Service
  • A PCT School Counselling Service

in addition to trainee counsellors and play therapists. Supervisees usually attend for a minimum of 1.5 hours each month.


Frances Weston was my supervisor throughout the four years of my counselling training at Keele University. She is an excellent supervisor who is able to create a warm, supportive and yet challenging relationship. Always encouraging, Frances provides valuable feedback and effective monitoring of how you are performing as a counsellor. She is interested in the on-going process of counselling and supervision and is a good role model for experienced counsellors and those thinking of taking their first steps in counselling. I would definitely recommend her as a supervisor.

– Lois de Cruz (MSc in Counselling Psychology)

As my supervisor you provided a safe environment where I could share issues raised from my therapeutic work without fear that I would be judged. You supported my professional development by sharing your knowledge but also by challenging me to take responsibility for sound ethical practice. I felt that we established a strong, therapeutic relationship based on trust and mutual respect. I want to thank you because your guidance and wisdom had a profound affect on my development as a therapist and more recently supervisor.

– Carole Law (BACP Accredited Counsellor)

I first met Frances Weston when she came to the agency where I was on counsellor placement to do a workshop on working creatively with children. My amibition as a counsellor was to work therapeutically with young people and I was so impressed by Frances that by the end of that day I decided when I did finally qualify I wanted her to be my Supervisor. When the time came I took courage to contact Frances and was delighted when she accepted me as her Supervisee; over the following years I was not disappointed with my choice. Frances proved to be an amazing source of information and guidance but most importantly someone I soon felt totally safe in confessing my darkest counselling mishaps and fears to! She always therapeutically ‘held me’ whilst we worked through some very difficult client cases and during my time with her my confidence grew and grew; plus crucially our working relationship meant my clients remained safe at all times.Read more