Coaching for Adults

Coaching Can Help You:

Improve your work performance

  • give better presentations
  • overcome procrastination
  • improve motivation
  • become a better manager
  • achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • develop leadership skills
  • become more assertive
  • improve your time-management
  • hone your communication skills
  • address problematic work relationships

Learn a new life skill

  • speak a new language
  • become a great public speaker
  • develop your emotional intelligence to improve your relationships
  • learn a musical instrument
  • overcome fear

Achieve a personal goal

  • improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • lose weight
  • give up smoking
  • improve your fitness levels
  • pass an important exam

What is Coaching and How Does it Differ from Counselling?

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”
Sir John Whitmore

There is much confusion these days about what coaching is, and how it differs from counselling. Some people mistakenly think that counselling just involves a counsellor sitting and listening to a client talk endlessly about their past, whereas coaching is all about exploring the here and now and setting goals for the future. Its not quite that clear cut!

A good counsellor will listen while a person explores their feelings about the past, or what is going on in the present, but will also help explore limiting self-beliefs a person may have, challenge their thoughts or behaviours and encourage self-awareness to grow, which can lead to positive changes in the future. A good coach recognises that sometimes people are more affected than they realise by painful or difficult issues from their pasts and present, and this can interfere with the effectiveness of coaching if these issues are not addressed. There are clear differences, but there can be quite a bit of overlap too.

The purpose of coaching is to enable a person to achieve their potential – whether in their personal lives, careers, businesses or organisations – not by telling them how to achieve it, but by providing opportunities for them to learn about themselves, reflect, think clearly and work out what they need to do for themselves. A coach supports a person through this process, and facilitates an improvement in a person’s performance and/or enhances the quality of their life.

Coaching is about achieving results, rather than talking about one’s hopes and plans but never actually taking action, as the process of coaching encompasses setting clear goals and monitoring progress towards these goals in a structure way.Typically, a coach will see clients for fewer appointments than a counsellor and usually the gaps between appointments will be longer.

Seeing a coach/therapist like Frances gives you the best of both worlds, as she is able to move easily between roles as the situation dictates, to give you the best possible results, and save you seeing two separate professionals.


“I chose to seek the support of Frances, in order to help me find a way of performing better in a viva voca examination to complete my PhD. Through coaching, Frances was able to help me examine what it was I wanted to improve upon and to identify what I perceived my problem to be. [wpex class=”wpex-link” more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Once we explored this a plan was formulated and put into action. NLP was chosen as the therapeutic tool. This approach helped me visualise the experiences and consider various outcomes and how these might be resolved. I was encouraged to think about these points in detail in between our sessions and to bring with me any concerns or thoughts I might have to the next session. In addition to this, we were also able to talk through various aspects of my personality and how I responded to and interacted with others, which was relevant to my desired goal. As such, I was able to consider how important it was for me to give myself some time in order to help me achieve something important for myself. The coaching experience was most helpful and in numerous ways, personally therapeutic. This was enhanced by Frances and the relationship of trust we were able to establish during this exercise.”

– This female client went on to successfully pass her ‘viva’ and gain her PhD after three sessions of coaching[/wpex]

“I had three coaching sessions with Frances at a time when I was going through a great upheaval and consequent transition with my work. This was characterised by a great loss of confidence and doubting my own ability as a practitioner. My time spent with Frances was very beneficial in helping me to reframe my aims and objectives. [wpex class=”wpex-link” more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]The content of the sessions progressed incrementally so that at the end of the third one, my confidence has increased and I was able to recognise the importance of prioritising my own needs and to be more assertive in expressing them. Frances was empathic and sensitive in assisting me to define my direction and identify strategies to alleviate my previous difficulties. She facilitated the process whereby I realised I was able to make choices for myself and take control of my life. I strongly recommend her as a very able coach and will be pleased to consult her again in future should I need further guidance.”

– Senior Social Work Practitioner (male)[/wpex]

“I found Frances very easy company and she had a gentle, non-judgemental style which elicited a good degree of openness and honesty on my part. She was insightful and instinctive and, when required (and it really was!) slipped seamlessly into a counselling role in order for me to deal with some major issues that had been holding me back, [wpex class=”wpex-link” more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]to enable me to progress on both a professional and personal basis. I found her approach really hit the spot and I am very grateful to Frances for this. I trust her implicitly and learned a lot from the way she listened, listened, listened before guiding me towards action with the utmost care. I rate her service very highly indeed, whether for business or for personal reasons, and will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Frances for helping us make some very brave decisions! Our life is immeasurably better as a result. And you make a cracking cup of tea.”

– Small business owner (female)[/wpex]

“I have been a client of Frances for many months and she has supported me in achieving my goals whilst setting up my own training and development business. [wpex class=”wpex-link” more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Her questioning approach helped me to reflect on my thoughts and to formulate realistic plans to achieve short term goals en-route to my long term aspiration of having my own successful company. She has particularly helped me to focus on what I have achieved when my focus has been on what I haven’t, and by getting me to reflect on what I have been like when performing at my best she has enhanced my self confidence in developing and discussing my business offering. I have found her to be a gentle challenger, and thoughtful listener and an empathetic coach who has been a great help to me.”

– Company Director (male)[/wpex]