Coaching for Children

Britain’s youngsters are growing up in an “unprecedented toxic climate” of stress and pressure in a “24/7 online culture where they can never switch off”, according to a survey by charity YoungMinds (Jan 2014).

The fast-paced modern world we live in, with its increasing reliance on technology and its emphasis on material success and celebrity lifestyles sends a raft of mixed messages to children and young people as they grow up. Pressure to do well at school, be popular with lots of friends, be thin and pretty or muscular and good-looking can cause insecurities and anxieties. These pressures also make it harder for children who aren’t interested in conforming, as they can often be subject to bullying from the other members of their peer group.

Coaching can be a wonderful aid to children and young people as they negotiate their way through life, and can offer support and guidance to reinforce that offered by parents. It is not therapy; it tends to be a more dynamic, fun and activity-based process.

Life coaching for children can help to encourage and motivate them, as well as helping to build confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Frances unique approach to her work enables her to integrate coaching into her bespoke packages of support to help children and young people with issues such as:

  • setting and achieving goals in their personal lives e.g. adopting a healthier lifestyle; developing new hobbies and so on
  • setting and achieving goals in their school/academic lives e.g. preparing for exams; managing homework
  • managing difficult transitions
  • learning to prioritise and develop time management skills
  • getting along better with friends
  • improving communication skills
  • managing social media
  • staying safe online
  • learning to manage money
  • improving confidence
  • Overcoming shyness
  • managing stress