Complementary Therapies

treatment2There is no doubt that talking one’s problems or challenges through can be tremendously effective, but there are times when we are so worn-out, depleted and fragile that it can be hard to fully engage in counselling or coaching.

Prolonged exposure to stress can lead to an over production of cortisol and exhaustion of our adrenal glands. In such situations, the most helpful approach is to start with nurturing at a deeper level – working with the senses of touch, smell and sound to help relax and restore a person and prepare them for the demands of talking therapies.

Complementary therapies, and other body-based activities such as yoga, have also been proven to help us prevent the build up of stress in the first place, by helping us relax and release pent-up feelings, so are a very valuable way to keep ourselves emotionally well.

This is why Frances works with a number of complementary therapists to ensure her clients can have access to a range of relaxing treatments when they visit Sunshine Barn.

treatmentThe following treatments are available:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reiki

Clients, parents of our younger clients, or members of the general public are most welcome to book treatments.

Please contact us for further information.