Couples Counselling

There are few things as stressful as feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in a relationship. Whether there has been a gradual decline over months or years and a couple has grown apart, or there has been a more immediate crisis within the relationship, tension in a relationship can be very unsettling, especially where there are children involved.

It may be that one person in the relationship believes that it is over and wants to move on, and the other is fighting to hold on. Or perhaps both parties genuinely want to get on better with each other, but always end up in conflict. Whatever the circumstances, couples counselling offers an opportunity for a couple to learn to communicate better and understand each other’s point-of-view. This may not necessarily save the relationship, although it can in a high number of cases.

Couples counselling can help couples:

  • Learn to improve communication
  • Argue less
  • Negotiate and accept their differences
  • Avoid getting locked into power struggles
  • Understand and resolve conflicts
  • Improve their sex lives
  • Solve problems more easily
  • Reconnect with each other
  • Find joy and fun again

In cases where couples feel separation is inevitable, despite their best efforts, counselling can help them to come to terms with this and to be able to achieve a more harmonious separation. This allows more positive outcomes for them, and any children involved, and can prevent them from carrying their unresolved ‘baggage’ with them into their next relationship. Sometimes each individual within the relationship prefers to have one-to-one counselling initially to explore their own feelings privately, and then come together with their partner for joint sessions. Other couples prefer to be seen together from the outset. The choice is yours.

Another option to consider is booking a VIP Day together.


“My wife and I were having serious problems with our relationship, and we got to the point where we were just going round and round when we tried to talk about them. We were on the point of splitting up. I persuaded my partner to meet Frances and although we both had misgivings we soon found that Frances’ gentle but firm approach allowed us both to talk for the first time about what was really at the bottom of our problems. It took a few sessions, but gradually we regained our trust in each other and we learned to talk to each other like we used to do. I’m convinced that, but for Frances, we wouldn’t be together now. Its difficult and painful at times, but its worth it!”

“When we first came for counselling with Frances we were very close to splitting up. There was a lot of resentment and bitterness within the relationship and we had lost sight of each others needs and feelings. We did not respect each other, or make time for each other. Counselling was a last ditch attempt to save the relationship. The counselling process was not easy, but we feel that we have come out the other side. There are still areas of our relationship that need to be worked at and this is a constant process that we have to work at all the time. However, we now work more effectively as a team and communicate better with one another.”