EFT for Children

In addition to counselling and play therapy, Frances has also found a relatively new technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘tapping’) to be a very effective treatment when working with children and teenagers.

Tappy-Bear2EFT, which involves tapping on specific points on the face and body whilst talking about the issue being worked on (for a full explanation please see EFT for Adults)  has been described by clinical psychologist Dr. Phil Mollon as “an additional perspective (on conventional and traditional understanding of the workings of the mind and body) that hugely advances the speed, depth and effect of psychotherapy” and stated that when performed by an experienced practitioner it was a “seamless process of ‘talking and tapping’.  When divested of unfamiliar language and concepts, EFT can appear very much like an unusually fluent form of cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), combined with attention to the traumatic and psychodynamic underpinnings of the client’s problem, and the tapping being used as a rapid means of emotional desensitisation.” (Mollon, 2007)

With the help of a specially designed EFT teddy (Tappy Bear) Frances shows children whereabouts they need to tap on their faces and hands; it is so easy to learn that they soon become skilled in knowing where and how to tap.

Teaching children the technique to use themselves empowers them as it reduces the risk of dependency on the therapist by giving them a life skill or coping strategy which is transferable to other problems they may have. Frances believes that it has a valuable place in the ‘toolbox’ of techniques that she uses in her counselling,  play therapy and coaching work with children and young people.