Group Therapy for Children


Seeing children who are experiencing similar issues in groups, rather than individually offers the following benefits:

  • Participants gain comfort from knowing they are not the only one affected by the problem they are experiencing
  • Participants – with their varying personalities –  can support, challenge and encourage each other, and their interactions can add richness to each child’s experience of therapy
  • Therapy is more cost-effective as group sessions are cheaper than individual appointments
  • Children can experience increased motivation to attend, especially if they have formed positive relationships within the group
  • Group therapy enables the therapist to observe the participants’ social skills and help to develop these where appropriate

Our groups are offered in two formats – either in the form of weekly meetings of two hours over five weeks (after school) or as two full days during half-terms or main school holidays. All children will have an assessment  before being accepted in to the group, and a review appointment when the group has finished.

We currently offer two focused groups:

Tame that Temper!  – an anger management group – offers children and young people the opportunity to develop a range of skills for expressing their anger in positive and safe ways. It is aimed at children and young people whose anger is causing them problems at home and/or at school.  As well as providing tools and techniques for managing angry feelings, participants will have plenty of time and space to explore any unexpressed issues which may be behind their anger, so that we are addressing the cause as well as the symptoms.

I Am the Greatest! – a group for those with low self esteem or lack of confidence – offers children and young people time and space to explore their view of themselves and provide activities designed to boost self-esteem and self-confidence thereby encouraging participants to feel good about themselves.

For details on when our next groups are running please contact Frances