Counselling for Children and Young People

“I arranged for my children to see Frances when I became concerned about their wellbeing after the death of their Dad. They always felt very comfortable during the sessions and Frances used a lot of innovative techniques to interact with the children;Read more

“Last year we had problems in the family which were difficult for all of us, but particularly for the children. We sought the help of Frances and her guidance and sensitivity has enabled the children to find their way through a very emotional and testing time.Read more

“Frances has worked with my 12 year old son for a number of months on issues such as school bullying, lack of confidence and low self esteem.Read more

Counselling for Adults

“As a trained hypnotherapist, personal development author and conference moderator I have worked with countless coaches, counsellors and therapists.Read more

Relationship Problems

“I just wanted to say many thanks Frances for your help through the last troubled months. I was sceptical about how you could help me, but really needed someone who was unbiased and being new to the area there was no one I felt I could open up to. Also knowing you were experienced allowed me to trust and believe what you were telling me… and you were right!Read more

“During the time I have been attending counselling with Frances I have always found her to be completely professional and approachable. Read more

Life Changes

“It took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to ask for help – as I really didn’t believe that I was the kind of person who needed it. Some of my friends and colleagues had sort help in the past and my answer to that was “why didn’t they just pull themselves together”. Read more

“I called Frances when I had a tangle of problems in my life that was affecting my work and my relationships. I had tried to unravel this tangle alone, couldn’t do it, and felt close to despair.Read more


“Frances made me feel very welcome and I immediately felt very comfortable. She was extremely professional and has helped me get through my problems and has given me the knowledge to remain level headed. She is a wonderful person who will listen and acknowledge any issues you may have. I highly recommend Frances and would definitely see her again if I had any more problems!”


“I had heard of EFT before but didn’t understand the mechanics of it so when Frances explained it all to me I was even more intrigued. My phobia is flying and I hate it with an absolute passion. It’s so overwhelming it brings me to tears and the sheer panic triggers hyperventilating. I have been known to freeze with fear while boarding a plane so I’ve been quite happy to not even travel abroad for several years, just to avoid going through weeks of fear and dread leading up to a holiday. I recall my first EFT session quite vividly. We discussed my feelings on the days leading up to a holiday, the day of the flight, travelling to the airport and the big one…waiting to board. The panic, tears and the nausea start to kick in. By this time I am so overwhelmed with fear that my mind is open to anything, so we begin my first session of EFT.”

“I was surprised at how simple the procedure is and literally takes minutes to complete. With just a few words and a number of taps in specific areas of the body an amazing calming effect started to take over and I could actually feel my face smiling again.Read more


“Frances Weston was my supervisor throughout the four years of my counselling training at Keele University. She is an excellent supervisor who is able to create a warm, supportive and yet challenging relationship. Always encouraging, Frances provides valuable feedback and effective monitoring of how you are performing as a counsellor. She is interested in the on-going process of counselling and supervision and is a good role model for experienced counsellors and those thinking of taking their first steps in counselling. I would definitely recommend her as a supervisor.”

– Lois de Cruz (MSc in Counselling Psychology)

 As my supervisor you provided a safe environment where I could share issues raised from my therapeutic work without fear that I would be judged. You supported my professional development by sharing your knowledge but also by challenging me to take responsibility for sound ethical practice. I felt that we established a strong, therapeutic relationship based on trust and mutual respect. I want to thank you because your guidance and wisdom had a profound affect on my development as a therapist and more recently supervisor.”

– Carole Law (BACP Accredited Counsellor)

“I first met Frances Weston when she came to the agency where I was on counsellor placement to do a workshop on working creatively with children. My amibition as a counsellor was to work therapeutically with young people and I was so impressed by Frances that by the end of that day I decided when I did finally qualify I wanted her to be my Supervisor.Read more

– Joy Hazlehurst (BACP Accredited Counsellor)


“Frances has facilitated several workshops for counsellors at North Staffs Mind, providing informative and highly experiential workshops which have been very well received by participants.”

– Diane Collingwood (North Staffs Mind)

“Excellent, brilliant, please come again!”
“Frances is obviously expert, experienced and passionate about her work”
“Informative, stimulating and motivational”
“A really interesting day – content and delivery fascinating – a new perspective on children”
“Probably the bestest workshop in the world, ever!”
“It was fun, informative, touching, thought provoking and (thankfully) interactive”
“Frances has a clear and deep understanding of people, their struggle with emotions; why they may struggle and how to gently encourage their growth”
“Frances you are passionate about your work and it shines, very inspirational, am glad I attended”

“I have known Frances as a Business colleague for 4 years, and have participated directly in her workshops, for example Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. She is extremely professional and personable, and always shows a positive regard for everyone around her. Frances personifies kindness, commitment and exceptional skill.”

– Tracy Hall (Enlight Coaching)

“I loved the introduction to EFT, delivered by Frances at Dove Farm. Frances is warm and welcoming, reassuring and inclusive, in her style of training. A number of coaching colleagues, including myself, were so encouraged by the practical exercises that Frances set – that we went on to next stage, professional training, in order that we may use EFT in our work too.”

– Jane Stretton (Custard Cream Coaching)

Couples Therapy

“My wife and I were having serious problems with our relationship, and we got to the point where we were just going round and round when we tried to talk about them. We were on the point of splitting up.Read more

“When we first came for counselling with Frances we were very close to splitting up. There was a lot of resentment and bitterness within the relationship and we had lost sight of each others needs and feelings.Read more

VIP Days

“Starting my journey with Brighter Futures for some counselling sessions to having a days business coaching retreat at Sunshine Barn has been an absolute pleasure.Read more

Coaching for Adults

“I chose to seek the support of Frances, in order to help me find a way of performing better in a viva voca examination to complete my PhD. Through coaching, Frances was able to help me examine what it was I wanted to improve upon and to identify what I perceived my problem to be.Read more

“I had three coaching sessions with Frances at a time when I was going through a great upheaval and consequent transition with my work. This was characterised by a great loss of confidence and doubting my own ability as a practitioner.Read more

“I found Frances very easy company and she had a gentle, non-judgemental style which elicited a good degree of openness and honesty on my part.Read more

“I have been a client of Frances for many months and she has supported me in achieving my goals whilst setting up my own training and development business.Read more