VIP Days

Have you ever had a coaching or counselling session and felt frustrated at the end of the hour, thinking “Where did the time go? I was just getting started!” Whilst it is very beneficial spacing appointments out and having time in between to process and make changes, there are times when a situation calls for a more in-depth approach and a need to achieve more rapid results.

VIP days, which combine counselling and coaching, offer you the opportunity to spend a whole day one-to-one with Frances working on your business or personal issues and get the best of both approaches. Spending a concentrated day away from your home or workplace, free from distractions in a cosy and relaxing environment helps you to work at a deep level, connect with your innate wisdom and creativity, and encourages your clear thinking.

VIP days are tailor-made to your particular needs, and are aimed at people who need concentrated support to fully address their situation.

  • Perhaps you have a fantastic business idea and you’d value an opportunity to talk it through with a ‘can-do’, positive person and start making things happen.
  • Maybe you are already running a business, but you’re not quite getting the results you want (maybe some inner ‘baggage’ is affecting your confidence or holding you back)
  • Perhaps you are so busy working in the business, you haven’t been able to spend enough time working on your business.
  • Perhaps you are overwhelmed and struggling to do the things you need to do, or perhaps you’re bursting with new ideas and plans but haven’t time to implement them. Time away from the business would give you an ideal opportunity to work out solutions to existing problems, and make plans for where you want the business to go.
  • You may have more personal issues you’d like to sort out, losing weight or giving up smoking for example, but you feel overwhelmed, ‘stuck’ or unsure what to do and would value some help unearthing the emotional issues which may be sabotaging you, despite your best efforts.
  • Perhaps you are experiencing relationship problems with your spouse, partner or child, things have reached crisis point, and you need some concentrated support to work through any past or present hurts/grievances, improve communication, and try and save the relationship before its too late.
  • Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life, and trying to decide what to do with your life after redundancy, bereavement, divorce or some other life-changing experience.

Imagine spending a whole day with Frances –  a highly experienced specialist in therapy, personal growth and professional development –  encouraging you, and offering powerful techniques to help you to resolve difficulties or break through your limitations and achieve the results you desire. Frances has worked in the field of counselling/coaching for over 25 years and has developed a powerful integrated way of working with her clients incorporating NLP, EFT and a range of other approaches, and has helped them achieve amazing results.

As well as offering a wealth of techniques to help you succeed, you will also get the opportunity to experience an ‘ecotherapy’ walk if you wish, together with mindfulness meditation or a personalised guided visualisation, and a choice of complementary therapy treatments, to help you relax and access deeper levels of self-awareness. It will be hard work at times, but there will be lighter moments too to ensure the day is not too intense.

After a VIP Day with Frances, you will leave feeling:

  • Clearer about your situation
  • Re-energised
  • Focused
  • Committed to achieving your personal or business goals
  • Enthusiastic and positive

and you’ll have a plan of action in place to take away with you, plus a ‘toolbox’ of free gifts to help keep you motivated along the way. You can come on your own, with a partner, colleague, or family member – its entirely up to you.

VIP days can be purchased independently of a programme if desired.  A VIP days is included in the Phoenix Rising and Four Seasons programmes. For a no obligation chat with Frances about how this day might help you, do give her a call.