Let them bake cakes! Janet Street Porter dismisses depression as a “new trendy illness”

I had planned to write a long blog post today in protest at Janet Street Porter’s recent ignorant and offensive article in The Daily Mail, as I felt the need to defend the female and male sufferers of stress and depression she so insensitively derided. 

However, Diane Foy of Coming Out of the Dark beat me to it with this excellent response, which is well-informed and factual.  When so much is being done by organisations and individuals (e.g. Stamp Out Stigma, Bring Change to MindBreaking The Silence, Time to Change etc) to try and combat the stigma that surrounds mental health problems, articles such as Street Porter’s feel like a return to the dark ages. 

Sadly she speaks for many when she has a go at celebrities for talking about their mental health problems, failing to appreciate how they are helping to combat stigma, and seems incredulous that anyone with fame and money should have anything to feel depressed about. She still seems to be buying into the materialistic notion that money is all we need to make us happy. If only it was that simple! Would love to hear your comments…

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