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Are You Ready for Love? Fantastic free telesummit can help you make sure you are!

Many people come to counselling when a relationship is on the rocks, or they are struggling to cope with being left, cheated on, or trying to move on after a painful break-up. These clients often feel a need to deal with the ‘baggage’ of their current or recently ended relationship, and any negative effects this may have had on their confidence and self-esteem before they feel ready to risk of trying again.  When children are involved, the risk can feel even greater.

I see many adults and children who are experiencing the ‘fallout’ from separation or divorce, so I was delighted when my friend and fellow coach, Dawn Petherick, contacted me and said she was putting together a line up of speakers for a free Separated2Soulmate telesummit with the aim of helping those of you who are single and struggling with any of the following issues:

  • feeling stuck in the past
  • lacking confidence in meeting new people
  • unhappy with your body weight/shape 
  • listening to your head instead of following your heart?
  • making decisions based on financial constraints?
  • worried about telling your children, family and friends that you’ve met someone new?
  • unsure how to keep the spark alive in a new relationship?

Dawn asked me to contribute to the summit by talking about ways parents can help children to cope with separation and divorce. The following experts are also contributing to the summit:

Dr Patricia CraneLetting Go, Forgiveness, and Freedom

Gladeana McMahon: Confidence Works – how to develop true and lasting Confidence

Anna Mason: Shape up for Love

Kim Bolsover: Dress to Impress your Date

Alison Tynan: Motivation to Move!

Marie-Claire Carlyle: How to become a Money Magnet

Nick Williams: Discover the work you’d really love to be doing

Debra Goldston: Finding Love through Being in the Flow

Peter Spalton: Get Yourself Dating Again

Tony & Nicki Vee: Keeping the Passion Alive in a Relationship

Dr David Hamilton: The Power of Kindness & Contagious Thinking

The telesummit starts on Tuesday, July 12th and can be accessed via the Separated2Soulmate website – best of all,  its completely free!! Do sign up or, if you’re happily loved up, please pass on the link to any single friends who you think might find the summit helpful.

Recommended reading – do have a look at the three books featured in the Amazon box on the right.  They are all really engaging reads and full of thought-provoking and useful information.

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